Bee Swarm Collection

Beekeepers should be called to capture swarms

Bee swarm in treeDON'T DESTROY SWARMS
Swarming bees are a natural occurrence, and bees are least likely to sting when swarming.

Safety Around Bee Swarms

Encountering a bee swarm for the first time can be alarming. Bees tend to swarm near their hives or honeycombs, so if a swarm is visible then a nest is probably nearby. Swarms are usually not aggressive unless provoked, so it is important to keep a good distance from the swarm. If the bees feel threatened, they will use their stingers and release a pheromone to alert the other bees of the threat resulting in a large bee attack.

Swarming is the natural means of reproduction of honey bee colonies. A swarm of bees may frighten people, however swarming bees are usually not aggressive. Unless collected by a beekeeper swarm clusters will move on and find a suitable nesting location in a day or two.

Bee swarm on gateSwarm removal

Call a local beekeeping club and a grateful beekeeper will likely collect bees for free to establish a new hive. We have list of club members below who will collect swarms for free.

Swarms in Walls or Ceilings

It is almost impossible to remove a swarm from walls or ceilings, you will probablty have to call an exterminator to remove a swarm from inside a wall or ceiling cavity.
However - some of our catchers listed below may be able to help.

Free Bee Swarm Collection in Hamilton /Waikato

We have club member beekeepers all over the Waikato who will collect swarms for free.
If you find a swarm in Hamilton or the Waikato area please contact one of the following:


Area & AvailabilityNamePhone
Flagstaff, Rototuna, Te Rapa & Surrounds Garry Shaw 027 492 6974
Cambridge & surrounds, call any time! Karin Watson 027 501 3663
Te Awamutu area Malcolm Perano 021 67 88 30
Hamilton Waikato Region Dara Dimitrov 021 158 7478
Huntly Taupiri Morrinsville Hamilton Bryan Scott 021 179 3025
Cambridge / Leamington / Karapiro Vicki Fleming 020 402 072 62
Cambridge, Matangi, Tamahere & surrounds George Payne 0274 714 907
Hamilton Area. Anytime. Quick response Shelley Wood 027 540 5286
Hamilton Gordonton Taupiri & Nth Waikato Bill Smith 021 274 4256
Hamilton, Whatawhata, Ngahinapouri, Te A Teresa Gibbison 022 166 4689
Hillcrest Tamahere Rukuhia Cambridge Charles & Marion Fletcher 021 964 000
HAMILTON (call any time!) Nicholas Sheffield 027 836 5663
Silverdale,Hillcrest,H East area anytime Gayle Young 021 242 3727
Hamilton or surrounds David Mans 021 178 9478
Te Kowhai and surrounds Michael Campbell 021 281 0506
Te Awamutu Theresa Shephard 027 602 6728
Ham, West/South to Te A. Have a Bee Vac Neil Johnstone 027 276 9749
Hamilton,Cambridge,Morrinsvile&Surrounds David Blair 027 459 8645
Hamilton North Bill Miles 027 277 8200
Waikato / Waipa, surrounds Brad Senior 021 2069570
Flagstaff, Rototuna & Hamilton North Aaron Smith 027 359 2497
Hamilton, anytime Vicky Gibson 027 254 9119
Chartwell, Rototuna, Huntington, Pukete Graham Hardaker 027 358 8412
Hamilton/Cambridge/North Waikato Anthony Viner 021 237 2336
Hamilton area, Raglan, Pirongia Moritz Lehmann 027 3484 590
Leamington / Cambridge wide Rudy Scheepens 021 0550160
Taupiri, Nga, Huntly, Hamilton anytime Wayne & Julie Grinter 021 038 1725
Hamilton & Waikato Quick Collection Dan Wood 027 539 2580
Hamilton, available anytime Simone Sheffield 021 183 7392
Ngaruawahia Brian Martin 029 7779395
All Hamilton - wall cutouts - beevac Phil Evans 027 697 0374
Hamilton area, surrounds (anytime) Eugene Yew 022 153 1181
Hamilton, after work hours Michael Kahan 021 272 3080
Hamilton and surrounding Yew Lee 021 624 833

Bee Swarm Collection in other areas