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27 April 2020 Protocols For Beekeeping Under Covid-19
Protocols For Beekeeping Under Covid-19 Alert Level 3

Hobbyist or non-commercial beekeepers can continue operating to manage their hives.
If you do have hives away from your home property and need to feed or treat them for disease, then you should follow the protocols outlined for commercial beekeepers.

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30 October 2018 WDBA AFB Eradication Programme
The Waikato Domestic Bee Association (WDBA) is calling on all Hamilton beekeepers to help rid the city of of the hive-destroying American Foulbrood Disease (AFB). AFB is a fatal bacterial disease of honeybees which has serious implications for New Zealand’s apiculture industry. Infected colonies must be destroyed by burning to prevent infecting other colonies.

The Association is planning an AFB Eradication programme with the goal of making Hamilton city the first AFB-free city in New Zealand. The programme involves testing all hives and colonies in Hamilton, as well as the hives of Association members outside the city.

“We would like to hear from all beekeepers in Hamilton city to arrange a small sample of 30 bees from the brood frames of each hive for testing from November,” says committee member Teresa Gibbison.

“Assistance will be provided where required and to help beekeepers with infected hives. We also need information from the public about any feral hives in the city that may be living in holes in trees or buildings so they can also be tested.”

WBDA are holding a free public lecture “Eradicating the Honeybee Disease from AFB from Waikato” at 7:30pm - 8:30pm, Tuesday 6th November in SG 02, the University of Waikato.

Find out more and sign up at or email [email protected] with queries.
19 November 2017 New WDBA Facebook Group
We have a Facebook Group which can be found linked from our Facebook page. This allows members and fans to easily communicate with each other and share experience and ideas. Join today!